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Your signage score

If we all accept the idea of getting a dental check up from time to time, why don’t we do the same with our signage? Everybody agrees that our signage is the most important first impression for of our business, but not everybody give signage the priority it deserves.

Signage is the first contact our clients and potential clients will have with our brand, and we can’t leave this to chance. Remember: there’s no a second opportunity to make a good first impression.

If you are responsible for the signage for a business such as shopping centre, university or hospital you may be feeling overwhelmed on the thought of auditing your signage so you know what condition each one is in. You need not worry, as the professional team at Kingman are here to do this for you. We conduct signage audits every day for your clients and have the knowledge and experience to recommend changes that both suit your brand, are compliant with current legislation and are effective for wayfinding.

However even if you have a small business, you should regularly take a look at your signage with fresh eyes to see if it both working for you and effective. Below are some key criteria to help you decide if it’s time for some updates

Give each answer a score out of 10 with 10 being strongly agree with the statement, and 1 being completely disagree with the statement.


1/ The colour of my signage is vibrant and full of colour

2/ The framework and any support structure for my signage is in good condition and safe to the public


3/ My customers can easily navigate my premises

4/ Passing traffic can easily read and see my signage

5/ All of my signage uses the current logo, branding and colours
6/ My signage has been designed so all of the different signs have a consistent feel in regards to layout, font and method of manufacture


7/ My signage communicates the correct (and consistent ) message

8/ The signage meets current legislation (this applies to statutory signage such as Fire Services signage and braille signage )


9/ My  illuminated signs are working effectively with no dark spots?

10/ My signage is using new illumination methods such as low voltage LED’s (LEDs can pay for themselves in as little 12 months or sooner in some cases)
How many points did you get out of 100?

If you did over 90, then congratulations is definitely in order!

Plus… you really should give the person responsible for your signage a raise! Very few businesses get this right, and often budgets are allocated to anything broken above signage that visually looks poor.

If you scored under 90, you could benefit from a member of our team meeting with you to discuss how we can customise an approach to suit your business and also how we can structure it suit your budget. Major rollouts can be scheduled in stages which helps reduce impact to customers and your bottom line.

Click here to download a pdf of this scorecard