we know signs.

When Signage becomes art

“Art is the expression of creative skill and imagination” 

With nearly 50 stNeon Sculpture (3)aff at Kingman, there is never a shortage of imagination and skill. We are lucky enough to have some of the best tradesman in the industry, not just in Perth, but Australia-wide, and every now and then a special project comes along such as the one we just completed for Bonfire.

The initial concept came from the creative brains at Zendoke.

Zendoke  approached Kingman Visual with their design intent looking for advice on how to make their concept a reality.

Working closely with our project manager Richard, the design evolved to ensure the end client received a sign like no other.

The finished product has resulted in several pieces that resemble art. From the neon sculpture to the fabricated projecting blade signs, all the elements tie in together with high end finishes.

Is it art or is it signage? We don’t know , we just know it looks fantastic and is yet just another project we are proud of.