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Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are one of the cheapest forms of advertising today, especially if your car spends many hours a day on the road. However, like everything in life,  you really do get what you pay for when it comes to car wraps. There is often a gap in pricing between companies in the car wrap market and this generally comes down to several few factors. Below we outline what we do at Kingman to ensure your wrap lasts the very longest time

Brand of Vinyls:

Over the years the brand of vinyl we choose to use can result in either a failed vehicle wrap or a successful wrap. Vehicles are a complex shape of curves and vinyl naturally does not want to adhere to those recesses. We have spent time trialing the various media’s on the market and quite recently made the change to Avery for all of our vehicle wrap projects.  We find the Avery Dennison brand of vinyls are the most superior vinyl range for vehicle wraps and we have had nothing but success since we made the switch which makes us and our customers very happy.

Accredited Installers

We recently completed an Avery audit to become an ICS Specialist Converter. This gives us the ability to give you the Avery ICS Performance Guarantee on your vehicles. This is backed by the team at Avery who stand by Kingman as a premium vehicle wrap company. Read more about this here


They say poor preparation leads to poor performance, and nothing is truer than when it comes to vehicle wraps. We make sure we spend a long time fully cleaning and degreasing your vehicle before we even think about starting the application. This is our recipe for vehicle wrap success and the extra time is worth it


Our Avery qualified installation team spends a long time making sure your wrap aligns, and is expertly installed to your vehicle. We take pride in knowing when we send a vehicle out we are confident in it’s longevity.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we have gone one better to show you what is involved in vehicle wrapping. Check out our video showing the vehicle wrap process here: