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The Emerging Trend Of Street Art

Kingman are so proud to showcase this recent project we completed at Dog Swamp Shopping Centre on the new Aldi building in Yokine.

This job was more than just sign writing it was two pieces of large scale street art. On one wall, there is a duck which is 7 ½ metres wide X 5 ½ metres high, and on the other wall there is a dog which is 5 metres wide X 5 metres high. The project was painted by one of our talented sign writers who has been in the industry for over 37 years and is now our 3D on screen artist in the design department, however for this project he was persuaded to get the brushes out again and put his creative talents to good use!!

Kingman were given the artwork from the shopping centre rebrand to work off and recreate. The project was commissioned by Architect Taylor Robinson. https://www.taylorrobinson.com.au/

The original artwork was drawn by Alana Taylor AKT Design and the watercolour painted in by Ben Coombs.

Street art has exploded around Perth and surrounding suburbs in recent years and we can now see beautiful works of art appearing in the most untraditional places, such as cafes, bars, car parks, train stations and even in large scale on the side of apartment buildings.

Lately there has been so much talk around the yellow lines appearing in Fremantle’s historic high street. This abstract artwork is by Paris-based Swiss artist Felice Varini. Read more about this project here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-10-25/optical-installation-art-created-in-fremantle-street/9081922

Check out some of the amazing street art works being commissioned from all around Perth and surrounding suburbs here:


Kingman are very excited about this new trend as sign writing and art runs through our veins. We are constantly training apprentices in the art of sign writing and are so happy to see the tradition is coming back to life, perhaps in a slightly different fashion.

This trend is becoming so popular that a lot of little urban cafes and bars are getting art work commissioned to attract the young and hip demographic of today’s generation.

Check out the gallery of images of these impressive Dog Swamp murals below.