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Target Marketing

Using digital signage to tailor marketing campaigns around your target markets has never been easier and shortly it will be even better.

Recently the Chicago Tribune newspaper posted an article on NEC Americas’ efforts to incorporate facial recognition into digital signage and kiosks. This will result in your digital screens displaying specific advertising tailored towards the gender and age of the person standing in front of it. This enables you the ability to tailor the content for specific target markets and widen your in-store advertising scope. This feature will change how all retailers will look at their in-store advertising. Click here for the full article

Unfortunately, this technology is not yet available in Australia but we have heard that other markets do have this ready and  are hopeful to see this on our shores soon.

In the mean time, what we currently do to hit different audiences is to use the digital signage solution software to schedule  marketing campaigns for specific times of the day. For example your external screen may advertise school shoe specials to target mum’s and dad’s during school drop off times.

There are many optional add on’s for your digital signage that include motion detection and a range of digital signage software content delivery systems.

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