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Summer = Solar Powered Signage

With summer now officially under way here in Western Australia, it is now time to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and all things that come with living in a beautiful country that enjoys this fantastic weather.

Here at Kingman, we decided a few years ago to utilise the natural resource of sunshine to get clean and free illuminated signage for our many clients.

Did you know that Perth is the sunniest capital city in Australia? With the sun switched on for most of the year it makes sense to tap in and use this to your advantage

Some of our clients have told us that it was not possible to run power to the locations they had chosen for their signage. Trenching through car parks and paving to get a power feed is often an expensive exercise that also often requires permission from third parties which can be difficult and time consuming. From this need is where we began researching and developing our solar panel options.

We look at every solar signage project in depth before we begin specification and quoting. It is important to maintain consistent power supply through battery back up to keep your sign illuminating throughout the night and those rainy days.

At Kingman, while functionality is of the utmost of importance, Style and aesthetics are equally as important. Solar signage can and does look beautiful when you come to Kingman Visual. In fact, we won a silver award for our City of Perth wayfinding totems at the National Australian Signs & Graphic Industry Awards in 2012.

So ….. we encourage you all to enjoy summer, get to the beach and have a lovely time with your families with Christmas approaching.. and perhaps start thinking about those solar signs for your business!

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