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social media tower

Kingman Visual were approached by “activation” agency Gettin’ Hectic earlier this year to create a concept to meet a brief from their client, iinet , for a new social hub located within the Perth Arena. The brief was:

to create a technologically and digitally innovative installation that was visually spectacular enough to attract people’s attention from a distance and draw them in to interact with the iiNet permanent zone and content. Once in the zone, the content needed to be engaging and intelligent enough for people to want to stay and interact with the content and zone. They needed to create something architecturally exciting with digital WOW-factor. 

The tower included digital signage which showcases software that sources social media and shapes the social narrative around your brand. Essentially, patrons are encouraged to take a photo and upload to Facebook & Twitter with the specific hashtag #iinetsuperfan. The software then finds this post and display’s the photo’s on the tower screens in real time . 

The interactive touch screens then help conduct assisted surveys about the relevant event and gives the participants the ability to win prizes. The data is collected on the fly and displayed live onto the larger screens on top

Kingman Visual’s challenge was to design and build an environment where all these software’s and designs could work and display in a 4 sided, exciting and accessible design that encouraged interaction.

Leading Australian Advertising Agency Marketforce were tasked with designing the content display and outer skin design to meet with the clients existing strategy along with Perth Arena’s aesthetics.

The entire outer skin was then “wrapped” in digital print allowing the iiNet team to change branding as their promotions vary over the cycle of their project. The initial screen display “links” seamlessly with the tower “skin” design to create a visual display that tricks the mind into accepting this is a simple static sign, UNTIL the screens come alive and shock the audience with the intuitive design and display.

All the stakeholders have been thrilled with the result, with Perth Arena featuring it on their website here

The entire project was run through our Major Projects team and over seen by our Audio Visual Manager. As a result, the install and handover to the client was seamless.

With an outcome like that, we cant wait to work on the next technologically and advanced project. 

Make sure you check it out next time you visit Perth Arena

Photographs: Travis Hayto