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Signage that makes an income

One of the biggest advantages to installing digital signage is the ability to sell advertising space to your suppliers. This is the reason why you will now see more  digital outdoor billboards as the market capitilises on the potential of this advertising dollar.

We recently installed a digital signage projection system for our client Terry White Chemist at Westfield Innaloo. This solution is eye catching to passersby due to the natural movement of digital signage. It has the ability to be self funded by the selling advertising space to suppliers.

This is a fantastic way to get suppliers to pay for your investment in digital signage with the possibility of  profit making  with a very short ROI by informing your customers of new products, specials and tips and tricks.

This type of signage suits any retail business with an expanded supply chain.

We asked Aaron at Terry White Innaloo how his signage was going:

What made you decide on digital signage vs. traditional signage?

A few things, firstly cost is a major barrier. Producing a sign that size will cost $600 each time. The media player is versatile so there a many ways we can manage and use the projector and thirdly having a moving image and bright sign will increase the attention paid to the sign by the customers

How do you find the content software easy to use and manage?

The software is easy to manage and quick to implement

Have you received good feedback from your suppliers on selling advertising space on your digital signage?

Suppliers think that the signage is a great idea and are very enthusiastic about partnering with us for the development of future promotions. We have lined up two so far and have more on the horizon. 

Would you recommend this signage solution to others?

I would certainly recommend the projector to others. It has created a point of difference with our store presentation and given us further opportunities to drive other promotions in store.

After feedback like that it seems like this system would suit many businesses. Click here to see more digital signage from Kingman or call us today to find out how you can get a sign that will generate you extra income and added customer engagement.