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Why Signage style guides are so imporant

Imagine if you gave someone a picture of a cake and nothing else and asked them to make it. Unless that person was Nigella Lawson, I doubt very much you will receive what was intended.
Cake Ingredients The same applies to style guides, or more importantly signage style guides.

Our managing director Vernon Kingman describes a signage style guide in detail:

“A signage style guide is a set of standards for the production of corporate and business signage. It includes colour specifications for logo reproduction across different signage production processes. Larger companies will also choose to include manufacture and material specifications for different signage types required for their business. A signage style guide enforces a consistent approach to signage for both internal staff and suppliers”

While a lot of companies put in a lot of effort when designing a new logo, there is little thought on the application of that logo for different mediums. The most simplest version of style guide is best produced during the logo design. At that point colours can be selected so they can be directly matched in 2pk paint, powdercoat, vinyl cut lettering and easily reproduced on a cmyk digital printer.

Companies that are multi site or have very large sites may choose to specify design standards for specific sign types from entry signage, building signage, wayfinding signage all the way through to car park signage and statutory signage. Further to this, specific fonts can be specified to be used exclusively throughout site. We see a lot of multi national companies now investing in signage style guides that include such detailed manufacture specifications that they even include the brand of LED required to ensure they get consistent results at every single site and have a good understanding of the life span of their signage.

Using only a visual of a signage concept, we know there are always a hundred different ways to produce that sign.  However, manufacturing to a specific signage style guide reduces the risk of comparative quotes ending up comparing apples with oranges. Or more importantly a sign that will last 6 months vs a sign that will last 5 years.

At Kingman, we treat the signage style guide as king. When using a style guide, we ensure we read all the specifications so we have a full understanding of the client’s needs and always follow the style guide to the letter.

If your company does not yet have a style guide, feel free to call us to discuss how we can assist in producing one of these for your company.