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Signage is Sexy too…

Kingman Touch Touchscreen Interactive

Happy New Year Everyone…

Here at Kingman we have been discussing everyone’s latest New Years resolutions. It seems each year we all seem to make the same ones and just repeat them year after year.

This year, I think you should all consider NY resolutions for your businesses too. It is a great time of year to review your marketing strategies and to freshen up your image.

As a signage company, we naturally think your signage should always look its best. It tells your customers that you care about your business and the image you project.

In our eyes there is nice signage, and then there is sexy signage. I know we must seem weird to call signage sexy, but here at Kingman the paint runs through our veins and we are more than just a little bit passionate about what we do! In fact, we aren’t the only ones, there is a Pinterest page dedicated to sexy signage. Check it out here http://www.pinterest.com/shin19/sexy-signage/

We have lots of signs that we think fall into this category but none more so than our latest development in our Digital Touchscreen Range. The Kingman Touch is a sleek and sexy design and incorporates touchscreen technology. This product has fabulous features within the software and we have a number of templates to choose from or we can custom build the software application to suit your needs.

This unit can be used in reception areas, shopping malls, staff lunch rooms and just about anywhere you wish for stakeholders to gain information in an interactive way.

Key Benefits of this technology is:

  • Reduced Costs – While initial outlay may be higher than a standard sign, the return for investment will quickly be realised when considering the ease of updates compared  with costs of reprinting traditional signage
  • Web Connectivity – Our Screens can be connected to the web which allows for news feeds, twitter feeds, currency updates, weather updates and more to be incorporated into the display. Blog posts, videos, TV Commercials and your live website are some of the popular components used
  • Attracts Attention – Its well documented that people relate more when they are able to touch and feel products. Using the Kingman Touch touchscreen technology enables you to connect with customers and stakeholders with content you control
  • Content is Easily Updateable – We think our Kingman Touch has the most user friendly system available to enable your staff to update the content and imagery easily and quickly
  • Influence Purchase Decisions – When customers are already in your store they are already invested in you. By showcasing certain products on a digital display, you can influence your customers buying decisions and provide an opportunity to educate them on your latest offerings
  • Platform to showcase your work – With many funky features, the Kingman Touch has the best way to showcase your work in a dynamic way. Features such as timeline and carousels enable your imagery to be showcased in the best possible way

This is only one of our many products in our growing Digital Screen range.

For more information please contact our Digital Specialists at Kingman to tailor a package to suit your needs – 9241 9300 or [email protected]