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Safe by choice

Here at Kingman Visual, we choose to be safe.

Yes, it is necessary in today’s world to comply with OHS legislation but is that why we do it? No! – we know it is good business to make safety a priority. Plus we care about our staff and want to make sure they get home to their families safely every single night

We employee a full time Health & Safety Manager  to oversee the practices throughout our business from in house manufacturing through to installation planning. If any of you have had the pleasure in working with her, you will understand her passion for safety straight away.

Our sales department consults with our in-house OHS at quoting stage to discuss the best practices for installation and to conduct a site specific risk assessment. We look at the following areas when costing your job:

  • Adequate lifting equipment to prevent injury when installing heavy signage items
  • Correct access equipment such as elevated work platforms (EWP)  to ensure our sign installers are safe and have the access they require to both the sign and the building for a smooth and efficient installation
  • Traffic Management to protect members of the public
  • Time of installation – should we install on a weekend to reduce impact to customers and the public
  • Training and induction requirements
  • Compliance with all applicable contractor management safety rules
  • Compliance with duty of care requirements applying to all construction activities

Internally, we are always looking at ways to reduce the financial implications that safety takes on the signage project bottom line in today’s world. The reality is that it does come at a cost, but its a cost that we don’t feel that we nor our clients can afford not to take. When you receive a quotation for signage from us, we itemise what our inclusions are from traffic management through to craneage hire. This way, you can understand that we have you covered from the beginning and that we are aiming to reduce any further surprises down the line.

We consider ourselves a team and through respect, trust and understanding we aim to achieve a safe workplace for our workers. We consider our clients to be part of that team, and they can be confident to engage Kingman Visual for all their signage projects as we are known for not only our quality signage but also our professional, on time and safe services.