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RAC – We love a WA Success Story

When RAC told us they were branding for the better, we were completely on board! RAC are one of WA’s most successful companies and they have an inspiring philosophy on making a better WA.

Here at Kingman we have been contracted to RAC for the next 3 years, with all sites being rebranded in the next 6 months.

First up was their West Perth Offices where we installed their newly branded signage, which included the latest in green technology. The LED signs are low wattage and by using the highest quality LED’s in the market, ensures that these signs will light up for years to come.

The installation was potentially challenging, however the team at Kingman Visual recognised that the best way to avoid disruption to staff and traffic was to install the signage off abseils.  The result was efficient and the office was in West Perth was rebranded with new signage – inside and out – in under two days.

Part of RAC’s philosophy is how to make a member’s life better. This is a fantastic initiative that they are driving through their team members and we at Kingman are very proud to be part of the RAC journey.

Check out their website where the public can vote on what would make a better WA for you. http://forthebetter.com.au/about-a-better-WA