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Qantas – Quality signage for a quality airline

Kingman Visual have been working with Perth Airport for many years, and have manufactured a huge range of stunning directional, statutory and landmark signs.

We are extremely proud to be able to put our name to the award-winning design, and manufacture, of the two iconic entry statement pylons at T1 International and T1 Domestic. Read more about these pylons here.

The most recent big project, the team have been working on, are some internal and external signs for the new Qantas Terminal at T3 & T4 out at Perth’s International Airport. Their latest aircraft, the Boeing Dreamliner, is state of the art, connecting Australia directly to London in one non-stop flight for the first time in the history of aviation. This is a real game changer for people who used to have to endure a 24-hour+ flight with stop-overs in between, they can now make the trip in as little as 17 hours. The new airport terminal has been upgraded with the latest Qantas branding and Kingman felt very privileged to be involved in yet another highly anticipated project.

The external letters were fabricated from brushed stainless steel, fitted internally with LED’s, and then finished off with white opal acrylic faces to allow some beautiful bright illumination to shine through. The Logo was fabricated from aluminum, 2pac painted in their  Qantas corporate red. The faces were then cut out of acrylic, covered in red translucent vinyl, with a digitally printed motif placed in a die cut of the logo to give the shadow effect on the famous kangaroo. There are three sets of these external signs altogether, which greet you at the front of the new terminal.

The internal Qantas signs were also fabricated from brushed stainless, but with black aluminium faces, and illuminated to give a halo effect.

We think they look stunning and the team at Kingman are all extremely proud to have been part of yet another impressive and exciting project.

Check out some of the completed photos below.

We also made this cool video to show some behind the scenes action at the Kingman factory, showing the Qantas signs being put together.