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Kingman are serious about safety!

October is National Safe Work Month and we wanted to generate awareness around this initiative and discuss a little bit about our commitment to building a safe and healthy workplace for all of our team, clients and the general public. At Kingman Visual we take OHS practices very seriously every day, not just in the month of October, however, we felt this is the perfect time to outline some of the ways Kingman focuses on Safety within the workplace.

The signage industry can be a very dangerous one, we have guys working in the factory with machinery every day but the risks can be especially dangerous for our installation team when fitting sky signs or even heavyweight pylons.

At Kingman, we have a dedicated HSEQ Coordinator that is involved in every job right from the quotation stage. All operations throughout the company are overseen and coordinated to implement the best safety practices, which helps to ensure all documentation is in order to carry out a risk analysis at the planning stage right through to installation.

These are some of the following areas that Kingman analyse when costing a project.

  • Adequate lifting equipment to prevent injury when installing heavy signage items
  • Correct access equipment such as elevated work platforms (EWP)  to ensure our sign installers are safe and have the access they require to both the sign and the building for a smooth and efficient installation
  • Traffic Management to protect members of the public
  • Time of installation – should we install on a weekend to reduce impact to customers and the public
  • Training and induction requirements
  • Compliance with all applicable contractor management safety rules
  • Compliance with duty of care requirements applying to all construction activities

Safety practices can sometimes come at an additional cost, however, this is something we feel is invaluable to our clients and staff at Kingman. Additional costs to ensure we all comply with safety standards definitely prevent any injuries that could, in turn, cost a lot more money if left unaddressed. These costs are all clearly outlined in our quotation stage and can be the difference between a safe compliant job or the alternative.

Kingman also communicates safety to our team within the organisation through interchangeable messages using our staff digital screens located in different departments around the company. This allows us to remind staff of the smallest safety practices on a daily basis and also to make them aware we are all responsible for safety at work and proud to be a company that is proactive about our safety activities.