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Kingman Are Active About Safety

At Kingman Visual we identified a strong shift in safety awareness in Western Australia. This has greatly affected the signage industry in Perth and as a result we choose to be proactive about safety for our employees and stakeholders.

We employ an in house OHS Coordinator who has helped developed a robust Health & Safety Management System that is integrated with our organisational activities and ensures our staff are knowledgeable about manufacturing and installing your signage safely. 

Further to this, we are now enjoying our 2nd year of CM3 Accreditation.  We also recently received our Browz accreditation to provide even more confidence to our clients, that Kingman take safety seriously.

At Kingman we regard health and safety or our employees, contractors and clients as a core business objective. We achieve this by

  • Complying with health and safety regulations, statutory obligations and site specific requirements
  • Provide leadership, supervision, information and training to our employees
  • Creating a workplace culture where all supervisors, employees, contractors and visitors have accountability for maintaining a safe working environment
  • Implementing a safety management system that will provide the framework for integrating safety factors into planning processes and operational decisions
  • Developing public awareness of the health and safety standards and objectives of the company
  • Seeking continual improvement in health and safety management through review, assessment and reporting
  • Communicating policy and procedures to employees, contractors and visitors to ensure awareness of responsibilities in relation to health and safety
  • Maintaining and monitoring health and safety performance indicators

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