we know signs.

It all happens here

Its a mystery to us here at Kingman that the fact that we manufacture everything in house seems to be a very well kept secret in the industry. Our clients are often surprised to hear we are building their signs right here in our factory in Malaga just 13 kilometers from the Perth CBD.

More than 15 years ago, we learned that outsourcing certain signage products was problematic as it required relying on a 3rd party to care for our clients like we did. Unfortunately there were many occasions where we didn’t feel the love and we knew then that the only way we could produce quality signage and guarantee reliability was to go 100% in-house for our manufacturing. From steel fabrication, acrylic fabrication to 2pk painting to exacting automotive standards, to digital print, nationwide installation and more recently our digital signage division. If you ever come across a representative of Kingman Visual – you will be meeting a full time employee of ours and not some sub contractor.

We feel this has given us a point of difference to every other signage company in WA in the following ways

If you want to make any modifications to the design during production. No problems. One phone call to us and we can tell you exactly what stage your sign is at and whether there is time to make that change

Because we rely on ourselves to produce it, we can guarantee your deadlines to meet your target dates.

At Kingman, our clients know us for our high quality signage. This is due to the highly skilled trades people we have in our business. We don’t believe in doing things in-house unless we can be the best at it and we cant be the best without the top people. Every department in our business is staffed with people at the top of their game.

As a result of bringing all manufacturing in house, Kingman Visual is now the largest retail sign company in the Western Australian signage market. This gives us the resources to turn out huge volumes of high quality signage every single day.

Come and see us today to view our impressive showroom where we have created an inspirational signage space where you can look, touch and feel how quality signage goes together.