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Get Involved – Its Christmas!

I love everything about Christmas. From the gift buying & wrapping, to putting up the tree and listening to Christmas carols.

There is nothing I don’t love about this time of year and I especially love how it brings the family together.

However over the last few years, I have noticed how many people do not share my enthusiasm for the holidays as much as I do.

The thought of hitting the shops with truck loads of people makes them cringe, the feeling of being forced to spend time with their families, the over commercialism… the list of excuses go on.

So if you feel more like The Grinch than a jolly Christmas Elf, here are some tips on how to regain your Christmas spirit.

1. App it Up

With the invention of the smart phone, we never have to think about how to do things for ourselves again.

There are hundreds of apps dedicated to Christmas and here are a few of my favourites

  • Christmas Radio – With over 50 stations playing Christmas carols – what more do you need to get into the Christmas spirit?
  • Christmas Cookies – Who doesn’t like a home cooked cookie?
  • Christmas Advent Calender -Getting you into the spirit on a daily basis. You are never to old for this one.

2. Take a picture with Santa

Whether you have kids to line up for a photo or not, why not sit on the jolly mans knee yourself and get a picture with the main man. I can assure you that you will smile every time you see that photo in the future

3. Check out the Christmas Lights

Nothing is more enjoyable than taking a stroll around to see how enthusiastic other people can be when decorating their houses. Some neighborhoods are so well organised, they have sausage sizzles and Mr Whippy trucks in case you get peckish on your walk. You are sure to feel your inner Grinch melt away after doing this

4. Check out some great Christmas You Tube Videos 

If you haven’t already seen the latest WestJet Xmas video is sure to impress. It has gone viral so check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrLZ9mTptJo

5. Random Acts of Kindness

Nothing makes you appreciate what you have in life than to get a much need perspective shift and help others less fortunate. The Salvation Army is always looking for either donations or volunteers to help out in many different roles and in WA there is a website for Community Volunteers to help with in all sorts of roles such as Scouts, Cancer Centers and many more. Check it out at http://volunteeringwa.org.au/

If none of the above helps you then never fear. It is only one day of the year and soon enough it will be over.

For everyone else, Merry Christmas – I hope your day is filled with laughter, love and of course – if you have been more nice than naughty – a special present or two!