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Employee engagement

Like all companies, it is important to us at Kingman to continually look at ways to promote employee engagement. We know that the best asset our company has, is the talent working within it.

Like all small businesses we found that our organic growth over the years has presented challenges on consistently communicating to our team. Our company is made up with 50 people on average that are a mix of office based and on site staff. We have found it is hard to get them all together in one place for staff meetings or ensure they read company newsletters. Other companies may have a similar problem or have multi sites which again presents other challenges

It is said, that an informed employee is an engaged one. Recent surveys also shows that engaged employees are 300% more likely to exceed performance expectations.

We knew that only some of our staff were in the loop on what was our current goals, and we were looking for ways to change that. We decided the best way to communicate our staff communications was to use the same digital signage solution that we offer to our clients.

We then looked at how our staff interacted within our building and chose stratetegic locations for the screens to be installed to best capture the attention of our entire team at some point in their day. Some staff may only see one screen during their work day whereas others may see all 3.   The content is a mix of all staff communications from human resources information, safety notices to upcoming projects and images of finished works. Some screens also display specific departmental information such as tool box meeting times or sales procedures.

While having the screens has been very beneficial we have learnt to also continually work on ways to keep staff engaged with these displays. We do this by keeping our content fresh and informative as well as running competitions. The content management software is very user friendly and several of our staff are able to use it which means updating the content as easy as a few clicks on your mouse. Content is pushed from a computer over the network to the screens which is very efficient and gives you the ability to update the content in real time further boosting staff engagement.

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