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Discover the Kingman difference

At Kingman, we often discuss within our team how we can clearly communicate to our potential clients the difference that you will get to experience when you choose Kingman for your next signage project.

Our founder & Managing Director, Vernon Kingman, really likes to describe it using a car analogy to outline the Kingman difference:

“If you’re planning on buying a new Hyundai for $30,000, but a new Mercedes was only 5-10% more, which would you buy. A new Mercedes for $33,000 or the Hyundai for $3,000 less? When paying for quality, you’re also paying for decades of experience at the very top level. Mercedes enjoys such a brilliant reputation and is well deserved. As it is with Kingman. Occasionally our pricing may be a few dollars more but our clients tell us that over time, we actually work out much cheaper because our signs last the test of time, needing far less maintenance and cleaning and are built to last. A bit like Mercedes you could say. The next time you’re getting quotes on signs, don’t just look at the price, check the brand too. The Kingman brand comes with our guarantee of quality and service so you can rest easy in your investment.

Kingman Visual are, the Mercedes of Signs”

We find that once people discover Kingman Visual, they don’t want to go elsewhere for their signage ever again. We call that the Kingman difference. We define the following area’s set us apart from the rest

PriceAlways make sure you are comparing apples with apples

As per Vernon’s quote above, when quoting like for like, we are often very competitive or even cheaper. Talk to us if you have a cheaper price and we can walk you through the differences in specifications or point out what might be missing.


We will not risk our staff’s safety to install your job unsafely. This may mean our price is more expensive because we have included the necessary lifting equipment such as cranes as well as elevated work platforms. We will not compromise safety on the safety of our staff or the general public. Period.

Fit for Purpose

Our job is to find out what your needs are. This way we can understand how you intend to use your signage and what your expectations are. We will always go out of our way to ensure we build the sign so that it is “fit for purpose”. This is what drives the materials we select at quoting stage. We will not sell you a sign that is not suitable for what you intend. Period.


Our word is our business. When we say something is going to happen, we will move heaven and earth to make sure that happens.

We want to really know you 

From your brand guidelines, to the way you want the invoice prepared, your dedicated project manager is your main contact at Kingman and their job is to get to know everything about you and your business so you don’t have to repeat yourself. Our Project Managers are so passionate about your brand that they often have dreams about style guides and PMS colours.

Back Up & Support

Because we manufacture our signage in house, we stand behind our quality 100%. If you are not happy with your signage, talk to us and you will see that we go out of our way to make sure you are happy

We will be upfront and tell you if it cant happen

In today’s fast paced modern society, often we are asked do things much faster than our standard time around times. This is what we have built our business on – being a reliable go to company that can make miracles happen. However, that said, if it cannot possibly be done correctly and to our standard of quality in the time frame you propose we will tell you upfront. We don’t want to take your work on if we can’t do it properly. This includes using inferior construction methods that may be required due to a short lead time or not following correct protocols in respect to safety and approval permits . We are not in business to cut corners, just like you don’t want a sign installed that is not to the highest quality. In these instances we will say thank you, but no thank you to your order.

Our Values

Our business is a family run WA owned and managed business. We have been in business for more than 30 + years in Perth.. We have grown to be the largest retail sign company in Western Australia employing over 50 staff and enjoy an enviable reputation in the Australian signage market. This reputation has been built on developing long lasting relationships with our clients that are based on trust and reliability.  We are lucky enough to still be doing work with some of the people who were Kingman’s very first clients back in the 80’s. We feel that speaks volumes about how we run our business

Talk to us today, so you can learn first hand the Kingman difference.