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Digital Signage


Our clients often tell us they find the technology surrounding digital technology confusing. At Kingman we have spent years researching and developing software and products so we can easily de-mystify the technology and design each system specifically to our clients needs

Below are a range of questions we hear the most when it comes to digital signage:

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a form of audio visual display to show advertisement, videos, menus, promotion, sales information and other messages to the public.

Digital signage frequently uses audio visual technologies such as LED panels, LCD monitors or projectors to display content. The digital signage is usually controlled by media players, various AV equipment, PCs or servers via the network or direct and they can be found in both public and private environments.

What content can I display on the digital signage?

You can display almost any type of content in many types of  formats to your signage that is supported by your CMS (Content Management Software)/DSS (Digital Signage Software). Content could be videos, pictures files, scrolling text, twitter feeds, web-sites and much more. It is also possible to program the signage so that your screen is split so you can run a combination of content. For example a live video feed plus a scrolling news feed at the bottom of your page. Depending on what you want to display will determine how we setup the system to control the content

How is the content delivered to the screen

There are many ways we can deliver content and it comes down to budget, location and quantity of screens. For one screen in a shop you may choose to do a USB Drive to run the content and change this as needed. If you have a screen in a remote location, we can run software from your computer and deliver the content via the internet. If you are wanting several screens in several locations the same method applies and we can design a system where you can schedule a change to the content in advance and at a programmed time.

How is flexible is the software for content management

There are many types of software to address your AV requirements. Some software enables you to plan different messages for different times of the day. For example a supermarket may promote a discount on milk or bread on their pylon sign at 3.30pm to capture the school traffic. This can be automated to run every day and then switch back to the standard messages or content outside of this time.

Is digital signage expensive?

No. The ability to advertise endless amounts of content each day and change it daily makes digital signage one of the lowest costs of signage on the market. And, with new technology being released every day, the cost has never been more attractive. Digital signage is already challenging poster frames for the flexibility and ease of changing multiple messages throughout the day

I have two quotes, and one is a lot cheaper than the other – is that one better?

Sometimes yes. We all love a bargain! However always make sure you check to ensure you are comparing apples with apples. We recently lost a digital job to one of our clients, as we fully understood what they wanted and designed the system to suit their needs. Our content would be delivered remotely from head office using software they already had in place. Unfortunately the system they chose, whilst initially cheaper, made the updating so difficult that the client ended up outsourcing their content uploads to a 3rd party. This now means they pay for every update made on their screens which over a short period of time, ends up significantly more expensive than our system. If you are not sure how the system will run at quoting stage, always ask the question to your supplier. If they cannot explain it in a way for you to understand we recommend getting other options or give us a call and we will be happy to explain

How do I get a quote for a digital signage system?

We recommend coming into our showroom to discuss what you want to achieve from your audio visual and signage needs. This way we can design a system that suits your needs and make any recommendations for additional features that may suit your requirements. There are motion activated sensors, different options for outside use, daytime use. The list is endless and why we suggest you talk to our AV Specialist so we can address all of your needs in one solution. Or you can drop us an email here and we will be sure to get back to you shortly