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Choosing the right Digital Signage company to look after you

Let’s face it, it is very difficult to keep up with the continual changes to technology in the world today. Even if you are feel you are computer savvy, when it comes to anything outside of your realm of experience, we all feel somewhat technology challenged at different times.

This is what makes choosing a digital signage solution for your company even more of a challenge.  Getting quotes from various companies may not make this any clearer either. Some companies will list a range of items – but how do you actually know whether or not those items are compatible with what you are wanting to achieve?

We recently had a client share the specification from a competitors quote so we could explain why there was such a price difference. Unfortunately the other company did not seem to take any of the clients needs into consideration, and had the client ended up ordering the project from them they would have been left with over $25k worth of products they could not use the way they want.

The issues we found were:

  • The model of screen chosen was not suitable to be used in the portrait format (which is what the client needed)
  • The model of screen was warranted to run for 12 hours per day (the client required 24 hour per day running times)
  • The bracket selected was rated for up to a 47″ screen. (the screens proposed were 50″ & 58″)
  • There was no provision for staff training, guidance on artwork, or how to use the technology. It was purely install and walk away which would not suit this client

And this is only to list a few of the issues we found.

While we may not win this project with our client, we know that we have at least opened their eyes to choosing the right company over the right price.

At Kingman Visual, one of our first questions to a digital signage client is “how do you intend to use it” . By understanding what you want to do, this helps us determine the right products to choose in the project design. For us, there is no value in selling you a screen now, when we know it isn’t fit for purpose. We want to build a relationship with you so that you buy the screen today, and think of us when you want a sign next year. This is a core value of our company and has been for the past 30+ years.