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Benefits of Digital Signage

digital signage benefitsIf you have gone to any retail outlet recently, chances are you have seen digital signage in action. But do you really need more technology in your life, and will it really make an impact to your bottom line?

The answer is yes.

Generation Y (or otherwise known as the Millennial generation) are early adopters of all things technology and this is the generation that is projected to be your target market within the next 5 years representing 30% of the market.

With your next generation target market being such avid technology users that they sleep next to their mobile phones, it makes sense that if you use technology in your retail environment, they are going to use it. Especially if it is interactive such as touch screens or a device that uses Bluetooth to connect with their mobile device.

The race is on with providers to providers to use intelligent and creative ways to have prospective customers interact with their products. We recently saw this video and think it is a great example of what is possible and how to get a high level of customer engagement.

So don’t wait for your competitors to beat you to the punch, ask yourself today whether you want to be an early adopter or wait for everyone else to be doing it.