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Avery Specialist Converter Certified

Kingman Visual are very proud to announce that we recently qualified as an Avery Specialist Converter company.

What does this mean to you – our customers?

Being a qualified Avery Specialist Converter company means you can be confident that we have passed the very strict Avery auditing of our processes, production, machine specifications and quality control. We are Avery approved installers and all of our work now carries the Avery ICS Performance Guarantee.

What does the Performance Guarantee mean?

This performance guarantee gives you a warranty you can trust and that is fully backed by Avery Dennison. This is a written assurance that the Avery products we use perform exactly how they should from production through application and for the life of the graphic.

Avery’s vinyl and digital print media’s have undergone rigorous scientific testing and have met the stringent set of durability and physical performance.

Do I need to be a big company or spend lot’s of money to receive this guarantee?

Not at all, this product guarantee covers every one of our clients when we use Avery films or digital print medias. This could include vinyl cut lettering, vehicle wrap signage, frosted films to glazing and so on. Every job and location is different and your account manger will be able to confirm the specific warranty for your work but see the below as an example of what this means for you:

Your Vehicle wrap may be warranted for a period for up to 5 years by using Kingman Visual. This covers vertical elements only and may change depending on the style of vehicle. Talk to our team today to get an accurate estimate of warranty

But wait, major projects can have an even higher level of cover

Further to this, we can offer major projects the ICS Platinum Warranty which is the highest level of coverage in finished graphics. This is available by special request and you will receive a certificate from Avery

Check our our gallery below for the types of projects that are covered under our warranty