we know signs.

Always check the edge

At Kingman Visual we see examples every day where people might receive a sign that is not exactly what they were expecting.

From face on everything might appear fine… but as you walk slightly to the left or the right you may start to realise you didnt get what you thought you were buying

What am I talking about? The black edge. Unlike The Edge who plays for U2, the black edge on your signage panel means you have received a composite material and not the solid aluminium sheet you may have been expecting.

Don’t get me wrong, aluminium composite material has a big place in our industry and has grown to be the most commonly used substrate, however we see it used time and time again in area’s where it is not fit for purpose.

Aluminum Composite or ACM as it is more widely known as is actually a great material that is lightweight and doesn’t buckle. It is made from 2 very thin layers of pre-finished aluminium on either side of an internal polyurethane core. Depending on who manufactured the product the aluminium face panels could be anywhere between 0.1mm and 0.3mm of aluminium.

As this substrate has become very popular, there are now manufacturers of varying qualities so it is important you understand what you are getting, how long it will last for and how strong it will be. This product does dent quite easily so if it is in a high traffic area such as a carpark we wouldn’t recommend it.

We always outline on our quotes if you are getting aluminium or ACM so you know what you are getting. We find that if a client chooses a cheaper quote than ours, often it is because it is for a different product such as ACM and the client wasn’t aware that is what they were buying.

So before you approve any signage quote, we suggest you ensure you know exactly what you are buying so you can make an informed decision. If you are not sure, feel free to ask us.

If you receive a cheaper quote from a competitor, send it to us and we will explain the differences in the quality of products or we will endeavor to give you a better offer.