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Airport Digital Signage Kiosks

Back in 2013 Kingman Visual were contracted to manufacture 55″ Digital Kiosks for end client APN Outdoor which were to be installed in airport terminals throughout Australia.

There were 21 kiosks in this initial order, with both single sided and double sided designs.  These were installed with the Scala digital signage software and players and configured to run the content remotely.

These digital signage displays were just the start of digital signage manufactured and installed at airports in Perth and around Australia by Kingman Visual. Over the past 5 years Kingman Visual are an ongoing supplier to the airports, not only just for signage, but also digital signage displays.

Updating travellers via digital content is part of the core strategy from any airport and the digital screen technology chosen is paramount to ensuring the content is up to date, working and effective. Kingman Visual ensure quality commercial screens are used in this application in both indoor and outdoor use.

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