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A business with no sign

As the saying goes, “A business with no sign is a sign of no business”

Real Commercial recently did an article stating “signage will be one of the most important and cost effective pieces of advertising and small business marketing you will ever invest in”

We couldn’t agree more. In an economic climate where every marketing dollar spend counts, the last cost cutting measure you should be considering is reducing the spend for your business signage.

While they say “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” are you willing to roll the dice on whether your customer will see past a mediocre exterior to come inside for a look? Unfortunately it is human nature that consumers are more likely to enter a store or business that is presented with a well designed and attractive looking sign due to the new and shiny exterior. And with drivers rushing by in cars and pedestrians looking at their devices, you only have a  few seconds to make that crucial first impression.

Here are our tips on making the right choice for your effective business signage

Say who you are

While your business name may mean something to you, unless you are Coke or McDonalds you need to let people know what you do too. If what you do isn’t included in your business name, consider a byline underneath and include it in your signage and branding efforts.

Simple is best for your brand

Over complicated logo’s can become problematic to produce when you are wanting signage, embroidery or stationery. Keeping your logo simple is not only professional but is currently on trend. Choosing colours that complement each other and can be reproduced across all formats is also important and can reduce costs in the future. Websites such as 99 Designs offer the opportunity to run logo or branding contests where you choose the amount you pay for your new logo. This gives you the ability to have a professionally designed logo at a cost that would suit any small business

Keep your illuminated sign on all night

It always surprises me to see business pay  money to have an illuminated sign only to turn it off when they lock up at night. Illuminated light boxes and signage is an branding investment that you should have working for you all night long.

Once you have the customer in the door you have won half the battle, however don’t be complacent to think you don’t also need internal retail signage. Retailers are often focused on getting merchandise on the floor without considering how customers will find it. It has been proven that customers who are overwhelmed by merchandise will leave a store if there is not adequate and clear departmental signage or wayfinding signage to help navigate.

Using promotional signs and digital signage can also help get current sale information to your customers and increase impulse purchases. Your interior signage should be designed in the same colours and style as your external signage to help reinforce the brand awareness to your customer.

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Thanks to Brett @ Formula Tech Dyno Centre for his inspiration for this blog