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Signwriting – A lost art?

Sign writing has been around since Roman times and is without doubt one of the most visually appealing and cost effective ways for getting your message across.

Signwriting/ Sign making has been one of the fastest changing industries over the last 30 years. With the introduction of technology such as digital printers, vinyl cutters and CNC Router Machines, the tradition of signwriting is fast becoming a lost art. And art it is. When a building that has been signwritten becomes old and the lettering fades, this really looks like art.  Other forms of signage don’t seem to have that same nostalgic feel when they start to weather.

When our Managing Director, Vernon Kingman, started his apprentice ship some 40 years ago, all he needed to hone his skills was a tool box full of brushes. Now the industry has changed so much they don’t even call the trade signwriting any more.

At Kingman we are committed to training the next generation of sign writers and sign makers in Perth. We often have several apprentices starting out with us each year to learn the trade. With us they learn all facets of the sign making trade and because we cover so many signage fields at Kingman, the apprentices also get to learn all of our various manufacturing departments during their training. This includes digital print, paint, vinyl, steel fabrication, illumination techniques, acrylic fabrication and now digital kiosk technology.

We don’t limit our cross department training to just our sign writing apprentices, we regularly hold skills sessions before staff bbq’s to encourage every member of our team to pick up a paint brush or air brush and have a go. Even our administration team have had a try and they say tell me it’s not as easy as it looks!

All in all, when witnessing sign writing in action it is a fascinating to watch. So much so, someone has even made a documentary on it. Here is the link for the trailer