The Elford

Paying homage to the venue’s architectural history, which dates back to 1934 when this historic Clarkes building, art deco inspired construction began. It has become a Beaufort Street icon over the years.

It was named after George H Elford, who originally owned the 1909 Wine Saloon that opened on Beaufort Street, another tribute to the building’s history.

The Elford also preserves some of the old touches from the Flying Scotsman by framing some of the old wallpaper made from Express Magazine covers. This music publication was in line with the venue’s involvement in the entertainment industry, with musicians playing there regularly.

Kingman fabricated and installed all internal and external signage, as well as some stylish wallpaper. The interior style was all redesigned with careful consideration taken to respect  the building heritage.

We are confident that the Elford is in safe hands, with the new owners, the “Three Pound Group”, who are the clever team behind some of Perth’s most popular venues, including The Stables, The Reveley and Australia’s Largest Pub, The Camfield.

Kingman is proud of the trusted relationship built with the Three Pound Group over the years and even more proud of the quality signage that can be viewed at all of their exceptional venues.

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