Limen: at the fence

Kingman was brought on board by Penelope Forlano from Forlano Design to collaborate with Professor Reena Tiwari and Renee Parnell of Curtin University to complete the design drawings, construct, manufacture, produce and install for a bespoke artwork piece called “Limen: at the fence”. This piece, is an internally illuminated 3D exhibition structure, which has been created in dedication to the kith and kin of The Stolen Generation, and is currently on display at the State Library of Western Australia.

The piece itself, tells the story of three Stolen Generation survivors. If you look closely between the aluminium cut silhouettes, you can read the words told by Edith DeGiambattista, Tonji Hansen and Tim Flowers. Embedded with their stories, this truly unique installation provides a space for the survivors to share their narratives and memories from their institutionalization at mission sites with the public, at the place they spent their years of childhood feeling lost, isolated, traumatized, and stolen.

“The exhibition aims to encourage empathy, provides an alternative view of the Stolen Generations experience, and holds a hope that Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of Australia will hold hands and cross over the fence.” Stolen Generations Immersive Hub – Curtin University.

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