Dog Swamp

In recent years, the emerging trend of street art, in particular large-scale murals have become increasingly popular. What is really interesting is the desire in the Perth Market for a mix of Street Art to complement their branding.

A stunning example of this is a signwriting project we completed for Dog Swamp Shopping Centre where the owners of the Centre wanted to play off the name with some interesting and quirky designs.

The result was a fun point of interest for the public, something you looked at and smiled. Could this be done as a digital print? Yes, but it would have lost a lot in the translation and execution, and applying sheet to the wall is very obvious but not particularly attractive. Painting direct gives you freedom with creativity so that the artist themselves can enhance the artwork.

This is what happened at Dog Swamp Shopping Centre. Beautiful designs re-created in a large format by hand and direct onto the wall.

We believe the art of signwriting will never die and will be handed down to lovers of the craft for generations to come.

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