Steel Fabrication

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    Steel Fabrication

    At Kingman, we are very lucky to have quality tradesman working for us.

    Steel, Stainless steel and Aluminium fabrication is an art, and our staff in our steel department are the artists. The workmanshop they produced is exceptional and they are not limited by size.

    Whether it is a 12m pylon sign or 100mm fabricated letters. They can get it done.

    Some of our work includes fully welded and fabricated metal signs installed as a freestanding signage, dimensional letters. We are meticulous when it comes to metal fabrication, welding and finishing.

    Products we use in our metal fabrication department are:

    • Aluminium
    • Steel
    • Core 10 Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Copper
    • Brass


    The only limit to what we can produce is your imagination. Call our staff today to discuss your next metal fabrication project