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    At Kingman Visual, we believe in a high level of service starting with our sales team through to our project management, production, and installation teams. That is why we are chosen to project manage many major signage design and installation projects across Australia and New Zealand.

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    Our experienced team can help you through every stage of a project from concept to completion. We specialise in planning, consultancy, audit and project management, fit-out, wayfinding projects, graphics, interiors, and regular maintenance of your branded assets.

    When you work with us, we assign a dedicated Project Manager who works with you from the start of the project to its finish. This sets us apart from other signage companies and gives us a better overall picture of your exact signage needs, regardless of whether you are planning to install directional signs, window glazing solutions, or illuminated signs with solar panels.

    You will also have the peace of mind that the person who sells you the sign will also be helping you to discuss and select your installation dates as part of the complete solution.

    We have been passionate about the signage business for more than 29 years and we always aim to go the extra mile for our clients. It is through this dedication to making the process smooth and easy that we have built up a number of repeat customers and long term relationships. We have also won major Australian awards for signage manufacturing, and are Green Stamp and CM3 accredited.

    Major Projects We Deliver

    At Kingman Visual, we deliver on a number of major projects for your signage solutions. Here are some examples:

    Fit-Out: Our team of designers can assess your interior space and design a fit-out solution to completely rehaul your brand. Sometimes change is necessary. We make sure that your brand elements make it consistently into every nook and cranny of your space as you overhaul your interior space, whether through specific colour schemes, graphics, or logos.

    Wayfinding Projects: Helping customers find their way from one location to another requires a good understanding both of the physical space and of human behaviour. Wayfinding solutions that are not executed properly can be frustrating for your customers as they struggle to find their directions. Our team can work with you to assess your space and identify the right landmarks, orientation, and navigation tools for your signage to make sure signs are installed in exactly the right places.

    Graphics: At Kingman, we offer full graphic solutions no matter what type of signs you wish to install. We can print digital graphics for windows, storefronts, vehicle wraps, wayfinding signs, kiosks, pylon signs, and more. Our graphic designers are skilled at computer design, and they can also employ traditional design techniques combined with digital design for a modern and striking effect.

    We believe that graphics are one of the most important parts of your signage needs, as they are used to help convey your brand to everyone who passes your car or storefront. Graphics should have consistent sizes, shapes, and colours to display your logo prominently and attract attention.

    Interiors: At Kingman Visual, we have a number of signage solutions for your interior. Our interior solutions include graphic films for glass windows or doors, interior directional signs, projected lettering, and interior light boxes. Our team will work closely with you to assess your interior space needs and make sure to maximise your brand exposure.

    Regular Maintenance: We believe that signs should be durable and long lasting, whether they are in outdoor or indoor conditions. Our team provides quality maintenance for your signage solutions including repair and restoration services if you encounter any problems, as well as preventative maintenance and repair.

    Why Choose Kingman Visual?

    Over the past 29 years, we have grown our business to include every type of modern signage product. We can provide all your signage needs with our in-house graphic designers and manufacturers, our sign installers who will make sure your signs go in exactly the location they are needed, and our top notch project managers who run the signage project from top to bottom.

    Our team works directly with you to make sure all your business needs are met.

    It is important to us to have a deep understanding of what our clients want before embarking on a new project. We strive to build meaningful relationships with our clients as we understand your business needs. It’s no wonder that with this personalised attention, many of our customers end up coming back to us with all their future signage projects as repeat customers.

    Many of our customers also appreciate how easy and hassle free our signage solutions can be. Since we have the capabilities to run everything in house, our projects can be executed smoothly and without glitches.

    Contact us to discuss starting your next major signage project with Kingman Visual today.