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    Electronic & Digital Signage – Design and Installation for Your Business

    Our revolutionary electronic signs are a great option for many businesses. They look sleek and modern so customers are usually drawn to them. These cutting-edge digital signage solutions are also extremely practical as they make it easy to edit content and display large amounts of information for customers. Another benefit of electronic signs is that they are incredibly scalable. All you have to do is install new screens to get the message out to a wider audience.

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    At Kingman Visual, we spent several years in research and development to perfect our electronic signage, kiosks, and software as below:


    The end result is an advanced system that allows you to control several electronic signs displayed around the world from the comfort of your office. Our team in Perth can also manage the content and software for you, if you prefer.
    As well as that, our other services complement our digital signage solutions. If you need an experienced graphic designer to help you craft the look and feel of your electronic screens and content, we can help. Our team knows exactly how to create electronic signs that are visually appealing and fully functional. We can also install the electronic signs and handle any maintenance projects.
    If your company is looking for high-quality digital signage solutions, contact our Perth, WA team today, proudly servicing Australia nationally.

    Benefits of Electronic Signage

    Our electronic signs are highly versatile and are beneficial in:

    • Displaying helpful information
    • Promoting your brand
    • Promoting specific products or offers
    • Displaying menu information
    • Enhancing the customer experience
    • Influencing customer behaviour
    • Target Marketing
    • Run relevant content
    • Change content with ease
    • Minimise customer wait times
    • Reduce admin costs


    Why Use Kingman Visual

    At Kingman, we are the electronic and digital signage experts in Perth. We are your one-stop-shop with the ability to customise your product to match your brand. We have an in-house digital signage Audio Visual specialist to ensure all your technical queries are handled by an expert.

    What really sets us apart is our business philosophy. We are truly passionate about helping our clients and making the process a smooth and pleasurable experience. By focusing on high-quality customer service and beautiful signs, we can add tremendous value to your business. This difference is why we have established so many long-term relationships with clients who continue to come back to us.

    Get in touch with our team in Perth today for more details about our electronic and digital signage solutions.