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Custom Signs

Custom Made Signs to Suit All of Your Needs

Why would you want a generic sign when you could have one designed for your unique tastes and organisation? Having a sign designed for your specific needs is more effective for marketing your business, promoting your products, and improving the overall customer experience. They can be displayed at all hours of the day and every day of the year, making them extremely cost effective.

At Kingman Visual, we have been offering customised signage solutions for over 29 years. Our clients do business in a wide range of sectors from manufacturing to retail and have effectively used our signs in their industry. By working with so many companies in different sectors and of various sizes, we have developed a unique expertise to provide tailor made signage solutions that work.

We are committed to making each project go smoothly for our clients. We do this by combining high quality signs with exceptional customer service. This unique philosophy has allowed us to establish many strong, long term relationships with our clients. They keep coming back to us as our signs produce impressive results for their companies.

Our team of talented employees is one of our most valuable assets. We have invested in hiring and training highly skilled people for all roles within the company from graphic designers and sign writers to project managers and sign installers. This ensures that we can tackle whatever signage needs you have. With over 55 employees, we are also one of the largest companies in our market.

We are based in Malaga, Western Australia but do business all over. If you have signage needs anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, we would love to help. Whether you are looking for digital print, window graphics or a wayfinding sign, our products are just what you need. We are Green Stamp and CM3 accredited and have memberships with several organisations including the ASOFIA, ASGA, and the Property Council of Australia.

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Signage Tips for Your Company

There are many signage solutions on the market so sometimes it can be tricky to figure out which options to choose and how to leverage them. Here are some effective strategies that we have seen work well for numerous clients:

Use Wayfinding Signs to Improve the Customer Experience: We have all had the confusing experience of walking around a shopping centre or department store and not being able to find what we are looking for. If your customer is looking for the toilet or cafe and is not able to find it quickly, they are likely to get frustrated. A frustrated customer is less likely to come back or refer a friend.

The solution to this problem is extremely easy and can be solved with a wayfinding sign. Wayfinding signs work to guide customers towards the key areas of your space including the elevator, toilet, exits, and more. These are usually best to combine symbols and arrows on a wayfinding sign for added clarity.

Wayfinding signs can also be used in strategic ways. For example, if there is an area of your store that you want customers to visit, be sure to include it on the wayfinding signs. Otherwise, people might not know it exists or where it is even located.

Window Graphics Create an Inviting Storefront: Many businesses have clear and boring windows that fail to attract any attention. One way to set your business apart is by investing in some custom made window graphics. These can include your company name, logo or anything else that you want customers to see.

Window graphics give your store a unique look, but they can also be used as marketing tools. You can use the window graphics to showcase a new product line. This allows you to attract some potential customers who were not even planning on entering your store.

Another great way to use window graphics is to display special offers and promotions. Everybody likes a deal, but customers sometimes do not know about them until they are in the store. Window graphics are one way to combat this problem and increase your customer flow.

Use Digital Screens to Display Menu Information: Many companies are still using the old technology by relying on boards and signs for their menus. Digital screens look much better and offer superior functionality. They allow you to conveniently change menu items and prices throughout the season, or even the day. This can also be set up so it can be updated offsite by using the internet to upload your new content.

Digital screens can also be used to increase revenues. Their unique flexibility allows you to promote new products, as well as to emphasize special offers and promotions. We spent years in research and development to produce our unique digital signs, kiosks, and software to help you achieve better results.

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